About Us

A small but very flexible transport Company.

Our company has been established in Kent for over 50 years and has diversified in many areas, serving mainly the South East of England. Our main source of work over the years has been connected to the building industry and in particular the transportation of trussed rafters.


We have however, worked for several steel companies and often our particular vehicles are requested when the movement of awkward shapes etc is required. Our rigid vehicles are also kitted out with removal centre frames. These are used for support, but are easily removed when required for transporting house sections (panels) for example. The body of each rigid vehicle can be easily adapted as they contain a removable section of floor exposing a well. This is particularly useful in helping to reduce the height of a load by inverting it. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to carry a maximum of 48 upside down trusses of 35mm and 36 upside down trusses of 47mm.

Our fleet of vehicles consist of a mix of day cabs with 10 Metres of body and sleepers with approx 9.7 Metres and a carrying capacity of 10 Tonne. All having either euro 5 or euro 6 engines.

Also available for hire is the use of a small pickup truck, which is suited to smaller jobs and sites.

We are prepared to discuss your requirements in respect of any project etc at your convenience should you so wish. All work undertaken can be priced before hand, however with the ever-rising fuel costs it is difficult at present to hold prices beyond one month